Carbs, Fat & Protein Ratio

How to Work Out The Correct Ratio of Carbs, Protein and Fat?

First off, many foods (eg. bread) contain a mixture of all these nutrients, so unless you carry a calculator up your sleeve you’ll find it very awkward to calculate all the figures.

Instead, my advice is to eat foods from ALL the main food groups (eg. Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Meat/Beans/Nuts, and fats) every day. This is still the best general approach for good health.

To refine this a little further, reduce the amount of animal fats you eat (from meat and dairy) and substitute more vegetable fats (eg. from foods like olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds). This will help reduce your intake of saturated fat, which is the bad fat. In addition, go easy on margarines and choose brands with fewer ‘trans-fats’ or ‘hydrogenated fats’. Again this is a HEALTH issue, not a WEIGHT LOSS issue – because ALL fat (good bad or ugly) contains the same calories.

Also, go easy on the sugary stuff – I mean refined-sugar foods like candy, cakes and chocolate, not fruit.

Aside from this, I think it’s up to the INDIVIDUAL as to how much protein/carbs to eat, although personally I’m strongly in favor of eating foods rich in complex carbs – like whole wheat bread, oats, beans, lentils, pasta, rice (brown is best) – and lots of fruit and veg.

In short: eat a variety, go easy on animal fat and refined sugar, and fill up with complex carbs.

Food is Too Important

I don’t think we should treat eating as a mathematical exercise, it’s far too yummy and important for this.

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