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Littered on the “streets” of the internet are weight loss products that offer “quick and guaranteed” fix. “Caralluma however, is making major headways”.

It shows there’s a need for them – and rightly so as excess weight carries its health risks. The real headache is separating the wheat from the chaff or chaff from wheat, however you look at it. Bottom line is this, people need quality, safe and effective products that will make their weight loss targets a reality.

One of such offering that has garnered attention in the weight loss circles is the use of Caralluma extract from the Caralluma plant. The plant is a cactus plant historically eaten to suppress appetite, quench thirst, enhance endurance and used during famine to keep the hunger pangs away. It is especially popular in India and other parts of the world like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Africa. That right there is the link between Caralluma extracts and weight loss. Suppress hunger, and eliminate the consumption of extra and unnecessary calories.

There haven’t been lots of substantial research on this, but initial research and results points to validating these claims. Still, more research is needed to have a solid scientific reference to suggest Caralluma as a suitable weight loss supplement.

Research into Caralluma

50 human subjects were put through a double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical testing period for eight weeks which included a test on Caralluma extracts. The results will be discussed below. The test was conducted at St John’s Medical (Division of Nutrition) in India, under the supervision of Professor Anura V Kurpad – the Dean of the Institute of Population Health and Clinical Research – and other academics in Human Nutrition.

About the human subjects

The initial number of human subjects was 62, but 12 persons dropped out of the trial for different reasons. The remaining subjects were divided into two test subjects, 25 subjects on placebo (making the subjects feel they were taking the same drugs as the others) and 25 on the active medicine Caralluma. The trial lasted for 2 months with visits by the subjects after the first month and after the second month.

The following are the characteristics of the subjects:

  • Obese patients
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 26
  • Adult
  • Not on any diet loss medication prior to the trial
  • Normal health
  • Regular lifestyle
  • No dietary restrictions

Certain factors were also considered to choose the final set of human subjects having:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Endocrine dysfunction
  • Arrhythmia
  • Cardiac disorder
  • Alcohol and drug dependence.

The results of the clinical trial can be summarized as thus: Caralluma extract is a well tolerated substance in the body showing minimal side-effects in the test subjects, and the results of the trial show significant reduction in the weight of the subjects placed on Caralluma extracts.

A similar trial was also carried out at the Western Ceriatric research Institute, USA, to check the efficacy of the extract on obesity. Here, 26 overweight subjects – 19 on active compound and 7 on placebo compound – were followed for four weeks.

The results were similar: Caralluma was well tolerated, little or no side effects and significant reduction in body weight.All these prove that there is a scientific backing to the claims of the extracts.

How Caralluma Works


There are three major concerns for overweight people: insatiable appetite, inability to get rid of fat and weak muscles. It is very common to see people feeling hungry immediately after eating a meal and craving for stop-gap snacks and soda drinks that keeps on packing the calories. Nipping these appetites in the bud never comes natural and that’s where Caralluma extracts come in.

The extract works as ghrelin-inhibiting supplement. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone of the body and signals the body when the need for energy arises. However, when ghrelin levels are beyond normal, they trigger the need for compulsive eating. Caralluma helps to block the production of this hormone.

Another way Caralluma helps is by helping with fats. An enzyme – citrate lyase – helps the body produce fat and needs to be kept under control if you want to achieve weight loss. Caralluma contains pregnane glycosides that block this enzyme thus stopping the production of fat by the body. Another enzyme that helps the body produce its fat is Malonyl Coenzyme A which can also be blocked by Caralluma. When these fat producing enzymes are blocked, the body is made to convert the fat in the body into energy; thus, reducing the fat content in the body. Furthermore, Caralluma enhances the functioning of enzymes like L-Carnitine, Lipase and Co-Enzyme Q10 known as fat burning enzymes.
Lastly, it is not uncommon for weight loss patients to feel dull and tired especially when the program or supplement works. When this happens, there’s a tendency to return to old ways of unhealthy habits which can result in a weight gain rebound. Caralluma is different in this aspect as it makes more energy available to the body because it doesn’t just stop the production of fat; it stimulates the burning of fat. This in itself also leads to lean muscle mass.

The Side Effects of Caralluma

In the two clinical trials cited above, there were no or very mild side effects (stomach upset, intestinal gas, stomach pain and constipation) reported from the use of Caralluma itself. The reported mild side effects disappeared after one week. The complaints that came were from the gelatin capsules which weren’t tolerable to some of the subjects who mostly on a vegan lifestyle. Also, a yet to be published animal study didn’t note any major toxicity with taking 5g/kg of Caralluma daily.

Perhaps, it can also suffice for you to know that historically Southern Indians have been known to consume this plant without any perils. In fact, a recent study shows that these people are not affected by the increase in cardiovascular diseases in India because of the holistic diet. While it seems far-fetched to place the glory solely on Caralluma laps, it helps to know they are healthy people.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Caralluma extracts safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

The answer to this question is not specific at the moment as research hasn’t indicated any contraindication. However, wisdom says pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid any drug or supplement that cannot ascertain the safety of the child. So, it’s a no to be on the safe side.

Where Can I Buy Caralluma?

There are many avenues to buy Caralluma online albeit with the risk of fakes and scams. As a rule of thumb, you should search around for reviews of products and the seller of the product. Most especially, be careful of promos, free trials, bonuses and any other bogus freebie that would come back to haunt your bank account later on.

How Do I Use Caralluma?

According to clinical results, experts suggest that using Caralluma for weight loss requires 500 mg capsules twice daily. However, the appropriate dose can also vary depending on the user’s health status, age and other factors. Remember, no information is irrelevant when it comes to your health.

Are there any contraindications I should know of ?

As the pool of research to reference increases, one can pin point if any exists, but right now, there are no drugs or chemical indicated to have adverse reactions to the Caralluma extracts.

Caralluma Reviews

These are examples of Caralluma reviews from users who have used supplements containing Caralluma extracts

It works for me… I used to eat almost every hour but Caralluma slim has helped me control my appetite…maybe more than I expected too. The only downside is that it keeps me awake at night hence I have to plan to take it earlier than normal.”

– Venti

This product definitely helped me curb my eating appetite though I haven’t really noticed a change in my weight but it seems I need to put some workout into the equation to make the supplement more effective. But I’ve been happy with the changes in my waist line, which is smaller now. The product seems like it’s working for me, I’ll keep using it and add some exercises to it.”

– Kevin

Seems to be a good product – I notice I’m not as hungry when I take it and combined with healthier eating and exercise, it works well. I would purchase this product again”

– Jasmine

My cravings and long throat has been nipped by Caralluma plus. Although I had some hiccups the first few days I started using it. I had headaches and decided to reduce the dosage and since then everything has been good. Rather than twice, I take it once and immediately after a meal.”

– Mary

While the jury is still out on this one, one cannot dispute the Caralluma reviews that have come from the users of the product themselves. The little scientific research will suffice for now as further researches look into the Caralluma extracts to learn more about it mechanisms and possible usage outside of weight loss.There are valid questions as to the long term effect of its consumption and the efficacy of the small amounts prescribed when the Southern Indian often referenced consume quite a lot of it. All these are questions extensive research will solve.

As always, there’s a need to be vigilant, not only in the buying process to avoid scams and the purchase of fakes, but to remain observant of changes in your body system while using the supplement or any supplement at that.

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