How Many Calories Are Burned During Exercise

  • Our body needs constant energy to maintain itself,
    so even when we’re fast asleep, it is still burning up calories!
  • However, most of us do not take enough exercise during our waking hours!
  • Ideally, we should aim to take 20-45 minutes exercise a day.
  • To see which exercise burns up what calories, see chart below.


Type of Exercise


Sleeping 55
Eating 85
Sewing 85
Knitting 85
Sitting 85
Standing 100
Driving 110
Office Work 140
Housework, moderate 160+
Golf, with trolley 180
Golf, without trolley 240
Gardening, planting 250
Dancing, ballroom 260
Walking, 3mph 280
Table Tennis 290
Gardening, hoeing etc. 350
Tennis 350+
Water Aerobics 400
Skating/blading 420+
Dancing, aerobic 420+
Aerobics 450+
Bicycling, moderate 450+
Jogging, 5mph 500
Gardening, digging 500
Swimming, active 500+
Cross country ski machine


Hiking 500+
Step Aerobics 550+
Rowing 550+
Power Walking 600+
Cycling, studio 650
Squash 650+
Skipping with rope 700+
Running 700+

Exercise for your health!
It has been calculated that 1 pound of body fat is equal to 3500 calories. This means that in order to lose 1 pound we have to walk for about 12.5 hours. So don’t expect fast weight loss and remember to eat sensibly.

The mood and feel-good benefits, however, are immediate and the health benefits of exercise are endless.


For details about the benefits of exercise, click Exercise

To see how long to exercise to burn of certain foods, click Food Calories Burned


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