Calories in Wine Spritzer

Calories in Wine Spritzer

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

  • One 3.5oz glass of wine contains about 80 calories.
  • One 5oz glass of wine contains about 100 calories.
  • One 5oz glass of light wine contains about 80 calories.
  • One 12oz wine spritzer contains about 120 calories.
  • A wine spritzer with 2oz of wine and 6oz of seltzer contains about 40 calories.
  • A white wine spritzer with 4 oz. white wine topped with club soda) – 80 calories.

Note on Wine Calories

While a 5oz glass of wine/day at 100 calories may seem harmless, but over two and a half weeks that’s approximately an extra 1,700 calories. This is equivalent to about a half a pound of body fat. That’s about 10 pounds of body fat, per year.

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