Calories in Vegetables

Calorie Table for Vegetables 2

Please note: all calorie values are approximate




Collard Greens cup 25
Corn Kernels cup 165
Corn on Cob ear 85
Cucumber 8″ 15
Dandelion 4 oz 50
Eggplant/Aubergine cup 26
Endives cup 10
Fennel 4 oz 11
Horseradish 4 oz 60
Kale cup 40
Leeks cup 32
Lettuce cup 15
Mangetout 4 oz 43
Mushrooms cup 18
Okra cup 50
Onions 4 oz 40
Parsley – raw 4 oz 21
Parsnips cup 95
Peas cup 125
Pepper – red medium 25
Pepper – green medium 20

Count Calories But Check Nutrition Too

Calorie-counting only works up to a point: nutrition is also important. Under certain circumstances, food energy cannot be properly metabolised without sufficient minerals and vitamins. For example, the energy in “empty calorie” foods becomes unavailable to our body and is stored as body fat until we ingest the necessary minerals and vitamins at some later time. This is why a healthy calorie-controlled eating plan should be based on nutrient-dense meals and snacks. The calorie content of vegetables is relatively low; its nutritional value is very high.


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