Calories in Spirits

Calorie Table for Spirits 1

Pure Alcohol Contains 7 Calories per Gram

Please note: all alcohol calorie values are approximate


Spirits & Liqueurs


Apricot Brandy 1 fl oz 80
Bourbon & soda 5 fl oz 120
Brandy, 100 proof 1 jigger 125
Brandy, 94 proof 1 jigger 115
Campari 1.5 fl oz 120
Curacao 1.5 fl oz 110
Drambuie 1.5 fl oz 165
Gin & tonic 7.5 fl oz 170
Gin 100 proof 1 jigger 125
Gin 94 proof 1 jigger 115
Kirsch 1.5 fl oz 125
Martini 2.5 fl oz 155
Pernod 1.5 fl oz 120

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