Calories in Salmon

Calorie Table for Salmon

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Salmon (3oz) Calories
Salmon, Atlantic 155
Salmon, Chinook 100
Salmon, Chum 130
Salmon, Sockeye 185
Salmon, smoked 100
Salmon, canned, pink 185
Salmon, canned, red 195

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Body Health Affects Fat-Burning

Our state of health alters our metabolic rate. During fevers and infections, much more energy is burned than when a person is healthy. One reason why it’s important to maintain adequate calorie intake for children with diarrhea or gastroenteritis. In late stages of cancer, tumors eat most of the body’s stores of energy resulting in significant loss of body weight. Stress increases the body’s calorie-burning rate. Some people lose 10 pounds in just a few days of serious worry. Other stresses also stimulate the body’s fat burning mechanism. Bottom line: if you are under stress, or ill, you may need extra food calories.


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