Calories in Pork


Calorie Content Chart Showing Caloric Values for Pork Chops, Bacon & Sausages

Calorie Table for Pork

Pork (3oz)Calories
Pork Blade Steak, broiled/grilled195
Center Loin Chop, broiled/grilled165
Center Rib Chop, broiled/grilled185
Loin Chop, broiled/grilled175
Loin Chop, no bone, broiled/grilled175
Loin Roast, no bone165
Rib Chops185
Rib Roast, no bone180
Tenderloin, roasted140
Ham, lean only160
Ham, lean and fat250
Bacon, Gammon, lean only, boiled130
Bacon, Gammon, lean & fat, boiled205
Bacon, Collar Joint, lean only, boiled145
Bacon, Collar Joint, lean & fat, boiled245
Pork Sausages, broiled/grilled240
Pork Sausage Rolls, flaky pastry360
Please note: all calorie values are approximate

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