Calories in Muffins

Calorie Table for Muffins

Please note: all snack food calorie values are approximate

Muffins Serving Size Calories
Apple muffins 1.5oz 205
Blueberry muffins 1.5oz 195
Bran muffins 1.5oz 125
Bran raisin muffins 1.5oz 190
Corn muffins 1.5oz 180
Banana walnut muffins 2oz 220
Carrot muffins 2oz 190
Oatbran muffins 2oz 200
Bran muffins 5oz 405
Poppy muffins 5oz 495

For Optimum Calorie Control Eat Fewer Muffins

If you are following a calorie-controlled diet, try to reduce your consumption of muffin snacks. This food is relatively high in calories, has a high GI value and is relatively low in nutritional value.

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