Calories in Mexican Food

Calorie Table for Mexican Food

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Mexican Foods Calories
Burrito, Bean & Meat (2) 510
Burrito, Bean (2) 450
Chimichanga, Beef & Cheese (1) 445
Chimichanga, Beef (1)  425
Enchilada, Cheese & Beef (1)  325
Enchilada, Cheese/S. Cream (1) 320
Nachos, Cheese (8) 345
Taco (Large) 550
Taco (Small) 370
Tostada, Bean & Cheese (1) 225

Facts About Calorie-Controlled Diets

A calorie-controlled diet is simply an eating plan with a calculated calorie content. A very-low-calorie diet (also called a very-low-energy diet, VLED) typically contains about 800 calories per day, based around a mixture of real food and meal-replacement shakes or bars. Low energy diets are usually used by very overweight or obese dieters, under medical supervision. A low-calorie weight loss diet for general use usually contains about 1200-1600 calories, and typically would not include Mexican food due to its relatively high calorie-content. High calorie diets, used by athletes and sportspeople who burn very large amounts of energy, may contain up to 10,000 calories.


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