Calories in Lamb

Calorie Table for Lamb

Please note: all lamb calorie values are approximate

Lamb (3oz) Calories
Lamb Chop, arm, braised, lean only 270
Lamb Chop, arm, braised lean & fat 300
Lamb Chop, loin, lean, broiled 185
Lamb Chop, loin, lean & fat, broiled 250
Lamb Chop, rib, lean, broiled 195
Lamb Chop, rib, lean & fat, broiled 350
Lamb Leg, lean only, roasted 165
Lamb Leg, lean & fat, roasted 240
Lamb Shoulder, lean only, roasted 175
Lamb Shoulder, lean & fat, roasted 290
Lamb Liver, broiled 225
Lamb Tongue, braised 220

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