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Calories in Kosher Food

Calorie Table for Kosher Food

Please note: all calorie values are approximate All kosher food spelling corrections WELCOMED!

Calories in Kosher Foods

  • Bagel, Plain, 195 (calories)
  • Bagel, w/regular cream cheese, 275 (calories)
  • Borscht, Regular, 1 cup 100 (calories)
  • Borscht, Manischewitz, low-cal, 1 cup 25 (calories)
  • Borscht, Manischewitz, w/beets, 1 cup 75 (calories)
  • Blintzes, each 50 calories
  • Blintzes Kaese (Cheese pancakes) 270 (calories)
  • Cabbage Roll, Vegetarian, 200 (calories)
  • Cabbage Roll, Meat, 260 (calories)
  • Callah (saffron loaf) per slice, 160 (calories)
  • Chicken Soup, Clear (Manischewitz) 1 cup 45 (calories)
  • Chicken Soup, w/noodles, 1 cup 80 (calories)
  • Cholent, Vegetarian, large serving 550 (calories)
  • Cholent, Meat, large serving, 750 (calories)
  • Falafel, 1 homemade 110 (calories)
  • Falafel Mix 2 oz 210 (calories)
  • Gefilte Fish, Sweet, 3 oz, 75 (calories)
  • Gefilte Fish, Fish Ball, Sweetened, 65 (calories)
  • Gefilte Fish, Fish Ball, w/o Sugar, 50 (calories)
  • Holishkes, stuffed cabbage leaves, each, 255 (calories)
  • Klops (Meat Balls) per serving, 230 (calories)
  • Knaidlach (Matzo Balls) 69 (calories)
  • Knish, kasha 150 (calories)
  • Knish dog 160 (calories)
  • Knish, chili cheese knish 120 (calories)
  • Knish, spinach cheese 100 (calories)
  • Kugel, Lokshen Kugel (Noodle Pudding) 220 (calories)
  • Kugel, Rice, 308 (calories)
  • Latkes, Potato 1, 175 (calories)
  • Lox (Smoked Salmon) 4 oz, 200 (calories)
  • Mandelbrot, per thick slice, 100 (calories)
  • Matzo Passover Egg 5 crackers 54 (calories)
  • Matzo, American, 1 board, 110 (calories)
  • Matzo Meal, 1 cup, 505 (calories)
  • Matzah Ball Soup, per serving, 100 (calories)
  • Praakes, stuffed cabbage leaves, each, 255 (calories)
  • Rosh Hashanah Honey Cake, per slice,145 (calories)
  • Tzimmes, per serving, 200 (calories)
  • Zwetschkenknodel, (Plum Dumpling), 280 (calories)

Kosher Food Calories Wanted!

Have we missed out your favorite kosher food? If so, please put us right. Even better, since calorie details of Jewish/Kosher foods are hard to come by, please include the calorie values together with the name of the kosher food item. We’ll post it on this food page immediately. Thanks!

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