Calories in Icecream

Calorie Table for Icecream

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Icecream – Average Most Brands Calories
Icecream, soft-serve, 1 cup 275
Icecream, soft-serve, fat free, 1 cup 190
Icecream, rich, 1 cup 350
Icecream, regular, 1 cup 250
Icecream, low fat, 1 cup 230
Icecream, fat free, 1 cup 190

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UK Guidelines: Teens and Adolescent Calorie Needs

Teenage Girl Average Daily Energy Needs
11-14 years 1845 calories
15-18 years 2110
Teenage Boy Average Daily Energy Needs
11-14 years 2220 calories
15-18 years 2755

Strictly speaking all kilocalories are equal in energy terms, but most dietitians advise calorie savings achieved by consuming nutrient-dense foods in preference to “empty calorie” foods like ice cream, that contain calories but little if any nutrition.


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