Calories in Hot Dogs

Calorie Table for Hot Dogs

Please note: all hot dog calorie values are approximate

Hot Dogs Serving Size Calories Fat
Hot Dog, regular 1 240 15g
Hot Dog w/chili sauce 1 325 18g
Corn Dog 1 460 19g
Bratwurst Small 255 22g
Bockwurst Small 200 18g
Chorizo (Mexican sausage) Small 224 18g
Knockwurst Small 210 11g

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Calorie Needs For Children (US Guidelines)

Child’s Age Average Daily Energy Needs
0-5 months 650 calories
5-12 months 850
1-3 years 1300
4-6 years 1800
7-10 years 2000

We Absorb More Calories From Processed/Refined Food

High calorie refined foods lack dietary fiber which slows down intestinal activity. As a result, they take up to five times longer to transit the digestive system than do natural unrefined high fiber foods (75 hours compared to 15) and the body absorbs calories during the whole time of their passage.


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