Calories in Fruit

Calorie Table for Fruit 1

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Fruit Amount Calories
Apple medium 60
Apple Juice cup 115
Apricot 3 medium 50
Avocado medium 305
Banana medium 80
Bilberries – frozen 4 oz 57
Blackberries – stewed 4 oz 23
Blackcurrants – stewed 4 oz 25
Blueberries cup 80
Cantaloupe half 55
Cherries cup 90
Cranberries 4 oz 14
Currants – dried 4 oz 244
Damsons – stewed 4 oz 28
Dates 4 oz 214
Figs 4 oz 214
Gingerstem – canned syrup 4 oz 214
Gooseberries – stewed 4 oz 13

Metabolic Rate Affects Calorie Burning

Our metabolism determines how rapidly we burn calories. Some people have a relatively fast metabolic rate, so they burn energy faster than people with a slower metabolism. Although our metabolic rate is something we inherit, we can raise it somewhat by taking regular cardio-aerobic exercise and by building up our muscle tissue. Both these fitness activities help us to burn extra calories. We can also maintain an efficient metabolism by eating nutrient-dense food, by ensuring our energy-intake does not fall below about 1200 calories a day, and by eating something every 3-4 hours.


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