Calories in Franks

Calorie Table for Franks

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Franks (2oz unless stated) Calories
Pork franks, pan-fried 240
Pork franks, cooked 210
Chicken franks (average) 130
Turkey franks (average) 130
Beef franks (average) 180
Beef franks, reduced fat (average) 110
Beef franks, fat-free (average) 65

Use The Energy Equation to Reduce Weight

The basic rule of weight reduction hasn’t changed. Our calorie expenditure must exceed our calorie intake. It is this energy-deficit that forces the body to burn stored fat. Knowing the kilocalorie content of our food helps us to plan a calorie controlled eating plan, and a healthy exercise program.

Personal Support To Lose Weight

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