Calories in Fast Food


Caloric Content of Fast Foods Like Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Fried Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dogs, Hash Browns

Calorie Table for Selected Fast Foods

Fast FoodAmountCalories
Fish, Battered/Fried1 serving210
Chicken, Fried, Dark Meat2 pieces430
Chicken, Fried, Wing/Breast2 pieces495
Chicken Nuggets, Plain6300
Sausage, Fried/Battered1100
Onion Rings8175
Hash Browns1/2 cup150
Corn Dog1460
Hot DogRegular240
Hot Dog with Chili1325
Dressing – Caesar1 pkt160
Dressing – French1 pkt160
Dressing – Ranch1 pkt230
Pancakes, Butter & Syrup3520
Desserts – Brownie1245
Desserts – Sundae, Caramel1305
Desserts – Sundae, Hot Fudge1290
Desserts – Sundae, Strawberry1270
Desserts – Apple Pie1 serving260
Shakes – ChocolateRegular360
Shakes – StrawberryRegular360
Shakes – VanillaRegular360
Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Facts About Metabolic Rate and Calorie Expenditure

Our metabolism determines how rapidly we burn calories. Some people have a relatively fast metabolic rate, so they burn food energy faster than people with a slower metabolism. Although our metabolic rate is something we inherit, we can raise it somewhat by taking regular aerobic exercise and by building up our muscle mass. Both these physical activities help us to burn extra calories. We can also maintain an efficient metabolism by eating nutritious food, by ensuring our calorie-intake does not dip below about 1200 calories a day, and by eating something every 3-4 hours.