Calories in Chocolate

Calorie Table for Chocolate

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Chocolate Calories
Milk chocolate, 1.5oz bar 220
Milk chocolate, 2oz bar 290
Cooking chocolate, 1oz 150
Chocolate Sprinkles (1 tbsp) 50
Carob bar or Carob chips, 1oz 140
Chocolate topping (2 tbsp) 90

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US Guidelines: Caloric Needs For Adolescents and Teens

Teenage Girls Average Energy Needs
11-14 years 2200 calories
15-18 years 2200
Teenage Boys Average Daily Energy Needs
11-14 years 2500 calories
15-18 years 3000

All calories are equal in energy terms, but most diet experts recommend us to save calories and improve nutritional health by choosing nutrient-dense foods in preference to “empty calorie” foods with a high energy content but few nutrients like vitamins and minerals.


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