Calories in Candy & Sweets

Calorie Table for Candy & Sweets

Please note: all snack food calorie values are approximate

Candy Serving Size Calories
Boiled sweets 1oz 80
Butterscotch 1oz 112
Candy corn 1oz 105
Caramels 1 31
Caramels, chocolate 1 22
Carob bar 1, 3oz 450
Fruit Pastilles 1 tube 100
Fudge chocolate 1 piece 65
Jelly beans 1oz 105
Lollipop 1 22
Milk chocolate 1 bar (1.5oz) 226
Dark chocolate 1 bar (1.5oz) 225

It’s Not Just About Calories in Candy & Sweets

As you can see, there are quite a few calories in snack foods like candy. But it won’t hurt your weight loss plan if you have occasional sweets. It’s the calories and sweets you eat in your regular daily diet, that matter.

UK Guidelines: Teens and Adolescent Energy Needs

Teenage Girl Average Daily Energy Needs
11-14 years 1845 calories
15-18 years 2110
Teenage Boy Average Daily Energy Needs
11-14 years 2220 calories
15-18 years 2755

Note: Strictly speaking all kilocalories are equal in energy terms, but most dietitians advise calorie savings achieved by consuming nutrient-dense foods in preference to “empty calorie” foods like chocolate, that contain calories but little nutrition.


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