Calories in Burritos

Calorie Table for Burritos

Please note: all fast food calorie values are approximate

Burritos Serving Calories
Bean burritos 2 450
Bean & Cheese burritos 2 380
Bean & Chili Peppers burritos 2 415
Bean & Meat burritos 2 510
Bean, Cheese & Beef burritos 2 330
Beef burritos 2 525
Super Burrito (Taco John’s) 9oz 450
Meat & Potato burrito (Taco John’s) 8oz 500
Chicken & Potato Burrito (Taco John’s) 8oz 450
Classic burrito (El Pollo Loco) 11oz 580
Ranch burrito (El Pollo Loco) 11oz 616
Mexican Chicken burrito (El Pollo Loco) 11oz 734
Casita burrito (TacoTime) 12oz 647

It’s Not Just About Calories in Burritos

As you can see, there are quite a few calories in fast foods like burritos. But it won’t hurt your weight loss plan if you have occasional burritos. It’s the calories and foods you eat in your regular daily diet, that really matter. To preview Ann calorie-controlled diet plan click: Weight Loss Program


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