Calories in Breads

Calorie Table for Breads

Please note: all calorie values are approximate

Breads (1oz Slice unless stated) Calories
Bread, Irish soda 105
Bread, oatmeal & seeds 80
Bread, pita (large) 140
Bread, pumpkin 125
Bread, pumpernickel 70
Bread, raisin (homemade) 130
Bread, rye 75
Bread, sourdough 75
Bread, Stoneground 70
Bread, White 70
Bread, Whole wheat 70

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Average Caloric Needs For Children (UK Guidelines)

Girl Average Daily Energy Needs
1-3 years 1165 calories
4-6 years 1545
7-10 years 1740
Boy Average Daily Energy Needs
1-3 years 1230 calories
4-6 years 1715
7-10 years 1970

Kilocalories are equal in energy terms, but most nutritionists and dietitians recommend calorie savings made by eating “nutrient-dense” foods in preference to “empty calorie” foods that contain calories but little nutritional value. This applies especially to new moms following a calorie-controlled diet plan to reduce weight after pregnancy.


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