Calories in Beef


Calorie Content of Beef Cuts Showing Calorie Values for Corned Beef, Rib and Roasts

Calorie Table for Beef

Beef (3oz)Calories
Brisket, lean only, braised205
Brisket, lean & fat, braised335
Chuck, pot roast, lean only200
Chuck, pot roast, lean & fat300
Chuck, blade, lean only235
Chuck, blade, lean & fat330
Chuck, rib roast/steaks, lean only190
Chuck, rib roast/steaks, lean & fat365
Chuck, stewing meat, lean only185
Chuck, stewing meat, lean & fat280
Ground Beef, 10% fat, cooked190
Ground Beef, 15% fat, cooked225
London Broil, lean only170
Rib roasted, lean only210
Rib roasted, lean & fat330
Rib broiled, lean only200
Rib broiled, lean & fat315
Rib Eye, lean only, broiled195
Rib Eye, lean & fat, broiled250
Round, Eye of, lean only, roasted150
Round, Eye of, lean & fat, roasted205
Round, Top, lean only, broiled155
Round, Top, lean & fat, broiled155
Rump Roast, lean only170
Rump Roast, lean & fat285
Top Loin, lean only, broiled180
Top Loin, lean & fat, broiled250
Corned Beef, cooked315
Beef Liver, fried200
Beef Tongue, braised210
Beef Tongue, canned/pickled230
Please note: all calorie values are approximate

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