Calorie Equation

Calorie Equation – Energy Equation

The calorie/energy equation goes like this:

Change in stored energy = energy intake less energy expenditure

Simpler Calorie/Energy Equation

A much simpler equation is:

“if calories-in = calories-out, your weight stays the same!!”

  • So if energy (calorie) intake equals energy expenditure (physical activity), there is no change in stored energy (body weight): i.e. you neither gain nor lose weight.
  • But if energy intake exceeds energy expenditure, there is an increase in stored energy and you gain weight. (Positive energy balance)
  • If energy intake is less than energy expenditure, there will be a decrease in stored energy and you lose weight. (Negative energy balance)

How to Gain/Lose 1 Pound of Body Weight

If you eat 3500 calories of energy more than you burn, you gain one pound of weight. Conversely, if you burn 3500 calories more than you eat, you lose one pound of body weight.

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