Burning Body Fat

How to Burn Body Fat

Diet & Exercise Modification

Lifestyle strategies designed to help burn body fat are to eat a wide variety of foods, consuming a minimum of 1200 calories per day to prevent the starvation response of under-eating.

The best way to get the maximum amount of nutrition from the food you eat without gaining weight is to decrease your intake of concentrated “empty” calorie sources such as fat, sugar and alcohol.

While cutting back on these concentrated calorie sources, increase your intake of higher fiber whole grains, low fat and fat free grain products, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

At the same time, incorporating a program of regular aerobic exercise also helps burn fat as fuel as well as to help improve cardiovascular endurance, increase HDL cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, improve self-esteem and relieve stress.

Strength training with weights can help to maintain, if not increase, muscle mass to boost metabolism and improve body composition.

SOURCE: University of Michigan Website

Weight Loss Diet Advice

The best plan for healthy weight loss and long term weight control is a balanced diet coupled with regular exercise. Diet is a proven weight loss program with practical advice on dieting, exercise, diet-motivation and good eating habits.


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