How to play free Blackjack Online

Playing blackjack online for free is quite simple and easy to play. All you have to do is follow these quick tips to start playing for free blackjack right now:

  1. Pick your blackjack game type and press the ‘play’ button.
  2. Next, enable flash if need be.
  3. Choose the “bet size” you’d love to place when you have the chance.
  4. Click on the table to place a bet.
  5. Press the ‘Deal’ button to receive the two hole cards
  6. Hit, stand, double down or split, though it all depends on your cards.
  7. Win, lose or push once the dealer’s second up-card is revealed.

The steps highlighted above are fundamental, and it’s only to show you the basics involved in playing blackjack online for free. We also recommend learning more about the blackjack rules before diving in real hard and playing for real money.

Some Free Blackjack Games

Just like other free casino games, playing free blackjack games also has very few restrictions. While players won’t be able to play all the variants of blackjack, including the live dealer blackjack, the most popular casino games are available for free at our recommended online casinos.

European Blackjack

The European blackjack is quite similar to the American Blackjack through the dealer only deals his or her second card once the players have completed their hand. It is also known to have a high blackjack house edge compared to other variants.

American Blackjack

The American Blackjack is one blackjack that’s similar to the European Jackpot just as we’ve mentioned earlier. It is referred to by many as standard blackjack, though this game type includes both the dealer and players dealing two hole cards. Speaking of the dealer, he or she will only show one-hole card and players can benefit from the many side bets that pop up.


There are different terminology as well as other subtle rule changes; pontoon is a viral blackjack game. Similar to the European blackjack, the rules and house edge both favour the dealer.

Las Vegas Strip Blackjack

Free Vegas Blackjack is fascinating in incredibly exciting. It offers players lots of chances to grab the enormous win. The Las Vegas Strip Blackjack is the type of blackjack recommended to be played for free when you take a look at the game’s complex rules.

Understanding free bet blackjack

Lots of players believe the free bet blackjack is the free variant of the popular casino table game. But it’s a real-money variant which features exciting options such as the ‘free’ side bets. Understanding how to play free bet blackjack is relatively easy. The fundamental rules of American run true, though players get open doubles on card totals of 9, 10, and 11. It also free splits on all pairs expect 10s. There is a caveat to the generous rules – though the dealer pushes on 22 in this case. One of the main benefits of free online blackjack is the fact that there is no particular risk involved.


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