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Bike to Work Week is brought to you by HUB: Your Cycling Connection. HUB is a charitable organization that works to make cycling an attractive choice for everyone.
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How It Works

To use the Commute Tracker, you need to have an account on the site and to be logged in.
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Bike to Work is a program of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition. Bike to Work Week encourages avid cyclists and new riders alike to sign up, log their commutes, win prizes, and be a part of making Metro Vancouver a better place to live, work and play. Improving air quality, reducing road congestion, improving personal health, and connecting with their communities ar a few of the benefits realized by Bike to Work participants.

Registering and Logging In:

  • Register. (Want to find out what it means to be a Team Leader?) or Log in if you are already registered with the VACC, Great Rides or Bike to Work Week. You must be signed in to access the Commute Tracker tool.
  • If it is your first time accessing the tool you will have to assign yourself to an appropriate organization.
  • Check carefully to see if your organization is already listed. If it is, join the appropriate team or create a new one to compete within your organization.
  • If your organization is not listed, then you need to set up an organization and also create a team.
  • Once you are on a team you can map your route(s).
  • You can map up to 7 different routes of your commute to and from work. Each route mapped will calculate the distance and greenhouse gas emissions avoided based on your vehicle type for each route. You can save and modify your routes any time.
  • Log your commutes each day during Bike to Work Week. Only those who log their trips are eligible for the daily prizes–plus, your team gets credit for all commutes taken, kilos of CO2 offset, and kilometers cycled by the end of the week.
  • Check the website for BTWW commuter station locations and make sure to stop by on your way to work for free food, drinks, resources, and fun.
  • Buy a T-shirt and show the world you bike to work.
  • Continue logging your commutes year-round.
  • Become a member of the VACC and support cycling improvements around the region!

You can continue logging your bike trips all year long. Ever wondered how much of a difference you could make to global climate change? Monitor the greenhouse gas emissions you’ve saved by using the Commute Tracker all year.

Bike to Work Week FAQ

This is our help section. Click the Question title to show the answer.

HUB Bike to Work Week Overview

How can my company become a sponsor for Bike to Work Week?

Sponsorship is a powerful demonstration of your company’s support for cycling, better health, cleaner air, and strong workplace communities in Vancouver. To find out how your company can get involved.

What is HUB?

HUB: Your Cycling Connection is a volunteer-run non-profit society whose members work to improve conditions for cycling in the Lower Mainland. HUB believes that increased bicycle use has the potential to reduce traffic congestion, improve our health, and enhance our urban environment. HUB is behind Bike to Work Week, Streetwise Cycling courses, and bike safety education programs for children. Since 1998, the organization has successfully worked to get things done for cyclists in the Lower Mainland.

What’s the story behind Bike to Work Week?

HUB: Your Cycling Connection organized the first Bike to Work Week program in 2007, after grassroots Bike to Work efforts that came from the North Shore.

Problems with registering or logging in to the site

Do I have to pay to register or be a part of the events?

No, Bike to Work Week is entirely free for you! Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer this community and workplace event free of charge to everyone in Metro Vancouver. Enjoy, and let our sponsors know you appreciate it – check out the Sponsors and Prizes page.

How do I register?

Simply click on the “Sign up here” button on the home page. It will take you to a page where you can either sign into an existing account or click the “Create new account” tab to register as a new user. You will be asked for your email address, a unique user name, and a few short questions regarding your biking habits and history.

You will also be asked a simple math question. It seems silly, but this feature prevents automatic web search programs from creating unwanted registrations in our system.

Working with the Commute Tracker

How do I change the Team Leader?

To change team leaders, the old team leader (or you, if you have their log-in details) should go to:

  • View Results in the Commute Tracker
  • Your team roster will appear.
  • Select the name of the new team leader and then click Assign a New Team Leader in the left hand Team Administration menu.

While using the Tracker, this popped up: “A script in this movie is causing Adobe Player 10 to run slowly”

This is a internet connection issue. If you have a slow server provider, this may happen and the functions on your computer may be slower than normal.

When registering my team, I’m asked for the location of my company, as well as the address. Isn’t that the same?

The location category is meant to be a way for other team members to quickly recognize the right team location without looking at the full address. We also use the Location for our Results displays (along with Organization and Team Name), instead of listing the entire address. Although we need the team address to send posters and resources, teams may be easier for other participants to find when these broader location names are included.

Questions about the rides

What is a commuter station?

Commuter stations are set up along bike routes every morning and evening of Bike to Work Week. There are free snacks, drinks and coffee, plus you can get your bike tuned up for free by our helpful onsite bike mechanics, and get your motivation primed with prizes and surprises. At the commuter stations, you can meet other cyclists, share successes, and pick up a bike map before you push off and pedal your way to the office or home. Commuter stations generally run from 6:30-8am and 4-6pm. Check the schedule and map to see where they are each day because they move around.

Do I need a special type of bike to ride to work?

You can use any type of bike to ride to work. The important things are that it is comfortable and safe. Make sure it is the right size for you. Your leg should be barely bent if you are sitting on the seat with the pedal at the bottom of its rotation. Check the brakes. Pump the tires to the recommended pressure which can be found written on the side of the tire. Make sure that you have lights for your bike, so you can be seen by others and you can see them, and fenders, to avoid water spraying up.


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