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Best Weight Loss Diet

What You Pay

  • 12 Months Membership to Ann Program Costs $19.97
  • This is payable when you join
  • There are no other extras, no monthly fees, no more to pay

What You Get

  • 9 Great Diet Plans
  • “Brilliant” Motivation Tips, and Exercise Advice
  • Full Membership of Our Weight Loss Forum
  • 365-Day Support From a Top Expert

Bottom Line

If you want to lose weight for good, Ann Weight Loss Program is simply the best $19.97 investment you can make in yourself and your future.

Compare Prices

See Table 1, for a comparison with other weight loss programs. It compares prices for 12 months membership, for each program:

Table 1 Cost Comparison of 12 Mth Membership of 4 Different Programs

South Beach

Weight Watchers
Standard Plan



(1) First three months cost $65.00. Thereafter $5 per week. Incl. support. Cost = $260.00

(2) First month costs $46.90. Thereafter $16.95 per month. Total Cost = $233.35

(3) Standard cost $3.99/week. Cancellation in first 3 mths incurs $25 termination fee. Total Cost $207.48

(4) 12 Month Total Cost, including 24/7 support and community forum = $19.97

NOTE: These figures may vary – check online for latest prices.


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