Being a Vegetarian: a better choice?

Vegetarian Diets – Personal stories on this dietary life choice

My interest is to provide food for thought for those interested in becoming a vegetarian. Cutting meat from the diet can seem a daunting prospect at the beginning but will get easier as time goes on.

Ask yourself the question,

“What would I miss the most about being a vegetarian?”

Your answer should be

“Vegetarianism isn’t about losing out, but is a very positive thing.

The availability of vegetarian foods has certainly changed in the last 20 years and most certainly since I was a child. Supermarkets have their own brand of products for

Food should not only smell and taste appetising, but also look good. Nothing could be more gorgeous than a brilliant salad of primary colours followed by a dish of glistening summer fruits.

Vegetarian Menus

  • Broccoli in bed with potato
  • V.Good veggie Bake
  • Peppers…Get Stuffed
  • Very Chilled Veg
  • Potato Carrot Fritters
  • Curried Cheese
  • Soft Cheese with Herbs and Garlic
  • Easy to make Vegetable Soup
  • Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry
  • Mixed Bean Chilli

Thoughts on a vegetarian lifestyle

  • – Encouragement and Inspiration: Eating Right Greetings Vegetarianism is in! – Not only is it a more humanitarian approach to life, it is also good for our health. Reach out to all your friends and convey this important message to them. Be cool, hip, healthy and go Green.

The Cabbage Soup Story – a short story

Tanya passed the menu to Lauren. Lauren looked reluctantly.

“Yuk”, she screamed, ” Some diet this is” I must be desperate to resort to these measurements to lose a bit of blubber.

That was it: it was now or never. She held the crumpled sheet of paper between her fingers. Holding it tightly she could feel her determination, the time had come to shed those un-wanted pounds. Another diet, another try. When you are desperate, you will try anything.

Bloated and feeling fatter than ever she made her way over to the photocopier. Wondering whether to copy it in A3, (large enough to post on her fridge freezer) to remind her and give her the continued determination she might need at a later date. Should she do one copy or two? Or may be three? She could always blue tack an extra one onto the mirror wardrobes in her bedroom and dream about dieting. Then again, that surely would be too depressing to fall asleep having read a cabbage soup menu and then to wake up to one! She decided to do just one copy, defeatist as usual.

“Thanks Tanya”, as she handed her the diet sheet back. The determination in the ‘thanks’ word showed in her face, as she smiled widely. “I am really going to try this time Tanya”.

“Yes Lauren, I know. I have heard it all before but I give you this Lauren, you are definitely a trier.

As Lauren opened her bag to drop the diet sheet in, she caught sight of the creased and ripped copies of diets. Diets taken out of magazines, diets given to her by friends, diets printed off the internet and diets that had been e-mailed to her by surfers. Another diet, another try. Another goal, another dream. Lauren always had to have goals and dreams. Perhaps she was doing this all wrong. Perhaps she only wanted a decent bloke in her life. She could be accused of being a bit OTT about her weight. To put it bluntly she was obsessed. A couple of pounds and life was just not worth living. “There is not a pick on you”, her mates would say. But she always wore black and hid it well, very well. Unless her stomach was flat, dead flat. Life was not worth living, simple as that.

She carried on typing, day-dreaming at her seat in the office. Wondering if she would ever get back down to the 9 stone she was when she was 21.

“I thought I was fat then”. She had seen the photographs the other night when she was cleaning out the bureau in her lounge. Her mates were right. There wasn’t a pick on her. but, that was then. And this is now. time for drastic action.

She thought about the Cabbage diet. Would this be the one? The one that would bring her back the happiness and confidence she felt, when she was just that little bit slimmer. She would have to ask Tanya if she could borrow her food processor.

” I suppose I’ll have to drag that thing home from work tomorrow”, she said to herself. But she knew it would be worth it. Or would it? She thought, as she set out to pick up the ingredients, 1 very large cabbage, 3 tomatoes, 6 carrots, 2 green or red peppers, 6 large onions (yuk) 6 spring onions (not bad) and 1 cup of rice.

As she threw them onto the conveyor belt at the supermarket, the cashier was scanning them not noticing, just interested in taking the money. I wonder if she is on the Cabbage Soup Diet, Lauren thought to herself as she quickly packed the ingredients into her carrier bag. She looks quite slim to me, but I can’t really see her legs as they are hidden under her till, she mused to herself. Determined as ever. Lauren couldn’t wait to get back to mash the ingredients. Throwing them in the boot of her car, she drove off fast, anxious to get back and make up the mixture.

She knew she needed lots of containers to get this lot into her freezer. The kitchen walls were in need of a good clean by the time Lauren had finally mastered how to use the God-dam food processor. The lid kept flying off and the smell of cabbage soup was not very nice. She decided to throw the dishcloth away, as by now it had been permanently dyed a shade of green.

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