Austin Ventures Orphanage

Organizational Goals: The project aims to achieve The Miracle Foundation’s effort to raise the standard of living for the children living in the orphanage. The project will achieve the United Nations Children’s Bill of Rights which includes – The right to a stable loving and nurturing environment

  • Physical, mental and emotional health
  • Environment that fosters love for learning

The Miracle Foundation aims to provide an environment that most closely resembles a family situation with a series of cottages that house 10 children and their house- mother. The cottages are built around a shared playground, common areas, and a nearby school.

The project will endeavor to provide a happy, stimulating, and safe environment to develop and enhance every child’s abilities and personalities. The project should also serve as a model for future projects to be undertaken by The Miracle Foundation.

Social Goals: Community involvement will be encouraged both during the process of design and while construction. Local employment will be encouraged wherever possible. The design of the building will include spaces that can be used by the villagers as well to encourage interaction between the community and the Home.

Form and Image Goals: The building will reflect the local architectural language of the area. Use of local traditional materials and technologies will be encouraged. The building should not stand out incongruously, but at the same time correct any flaws in the local style and serve as a model for villagers.

Function Goals: The building is to be used as accommodation for the children. The environment would provide for spaces to play together, to learn and interact.

Economic Goals: The project will try to achieve a balance between the initial costs and long term operating and maintenance costs. The building will be designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, but not high end. As far as possible, sustainable features will be incorporated to reduce the recurring costs and minimize environmental impact.


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