Arthritis Diet Advice

Diet Advice on Arthritis

A recent survey by the Arthritis Foundation found that 67 percent of respondents were at risk for arthritis, but 52 percent didn’t know it. And more than half (51 percent) said they had no plans to see their doctor about the health of their joints.

To help prevent osteoarthritis, the Arthritis Foundation offers these suggestions:

Lose weight. Every extra pound you gain puts four times the stress on your knees. A loss of 11 pounds may cut your risk of osteoarthritis of the knee by as much as 50 percent.

Build stronger bones by increasing your calcium intake. Not only can this lower your risk of osteoarthritis, but also osteoporosis. In addition to milk, try incorporating yogurt, broccoli, kale, figs, salmon and calcium supplements into your diet.

Bulk up with strength training. Lifting weights creates denser bones and builds stronger muscles that help stabilize and protect joints.

Ease into an exercise program. “Don’t expect to become Jane Fonda overnight. And the athletic pursuits can actually cause trauma and sometimes injury to the joint,” Tozman says. “Particularly for the baby boomer population, a supervised program would be ideal to try and prevent excess injury, damage or stresses on joints, which can contribute to arthritis.” As with all serious medical conditions, early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to combat osteoarthritis.

SOURCE: HealthScoutNews Reporter, 2002.

Weight Loss Diet Advice

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