Arnold’s Dumbbell Press

Arnold Schwarzenegger improved dumbbell press for a matchless form of shoulder growth. The unique movement in the Arnold shoulder press where the palm is twisted to face forward and not backwards is ranked among fast shoulder enlargement overhead press and named after the inventor, Arnold press. The routine is explained below in the guide.


  • To start the Arnold dumbbell press, get an exercise bench and a back support; bend your elbow while holding two dumbbells in your front with your palms facing you at about your upper chest level. This is your starting position, make it have contracted portion of a dumbbell curl. Ensure your arms are next to your torso.
  • To perform the seated Arnold press from this position, let the dumbbells be raised as you rotate your hands to make them face forward.
  • From there keep raising the dumbbell till your arm position is extended straight above you. As you do this, do breathe out.
  • Pause for a second at the top then by rotating the palms of your hands towards you gradually bring the dumbbells to its original position. In Arnold press, the movement of the right arm is clockwise while that of the left arm is anti clockwise direction. Breathe in while this is done.
  • Let the Arnold dumbbell press be repeated for a recommended number of times.

Variations: Arnold Schwarzenegger bench press can still be done while you are standing, but not for people who have lower back issues.


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