Are Carbs or Starches Fattening?

No! Starches are not fattening and need not be limited when you are dieting or trying to lose weight.

Potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, beans, and vegetables (like squash, yams, sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, and carrots) are rich in complex carbohydrates (also called starch). Starch is an important source of energy for your body.

Foods high in starch are not high in fat or calories, except when consumed in large quantities, or when they are made with high-fat or calorie-dense sauces, oils, or other high-fat toppings like butter, sour cream, or mayonnaise.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends 6 to 11 servings a day from the bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group, even when trying to lose weight.

For more details, see Balanced Diet.

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