Evaluating Your Stroke Risk

How can I find out my stroke risk?

Knowing your risk is the first step in taking control of your own cardiovascular health. To estimate your risk of stroke, you can use a tool called a risk calculator. By answering a few questions and putting in a few of your test numbers (such as blood pressure and cholesterol), you can get a rough idea of your risk of developing stroke in the next 10 years. Doctors use your risk level to decide how aggressively to treat your risk factors and whether you need to have any diagnostic tests.

There are currently two calculators available: the first is the Framingham Stroke Risk Profile, which has been the standard risk calculator for many years. This calculator measures your 10-year risk of stroke. Please note this calculator is designed for women and men aged 55 years or older.

The Reynolds Risk Calculator, designed specifically to measure risk in women, was published in 2007. The Reynolds Risk Score tells you your chances of having a heart attack OR stroke within the next 10 years. To use this calculator, you need to have had your hs CRP measured. For more information, see our article on the CRP test.


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