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Africa Outdoes Itself Through The Wondrous African Mango

Pack your bags because we are taking a trip to Central and West Africa. Before you ask why the sudden interest in that region am going to spill.. African Mango. Yes this is where the amazing African mango or as scientists will call it IrvingiaGabonensis is found. African mango grows naturally in canopied jungles. Aren’t they just lucky? I would give anything to have African mango in my backyard. You will too once you hear what I have to share on the incredible African mango, so grab your notebook and be my guest. We might also check out their beaches and get a tan, who knows?


African mango is a tree that bears fruits similar to mangoes and nicknamed wild mango, African mango, dika nut, bush mango, odika and iba-tree among others. African mango’s flesh is widely eaten in areas where it grows. However its seeds/nuts either fresh or dried contain the powerful and essential ingredients. The African mango extract comes in liquid, powder and/or capsule form. African mango seeds are categorized as oil seeds. Extract from the grounded African mango seeds is similar to cooking oil or margarine. The oil can be further processed to produce soaps and cosmetics. Flour can also be produced from the kernels as well as food thickening paste.

African mango is a very juicy fruit. Due to this factor, African mango is known to produce quality wine with 8% alcohol level after about 28 days of fermentation. African mango fresh bark is used to alter the taste of palm wine. African mango pulp is used in the making of jam, jelly and juice consumed as dessert. Its pulp is also used to prepare black dye for cloth coloration.

African mango is a hard word is therefore used for heavy construction work such as making ships’ decks or railway tiles while dead branches make excellent firewood.

African mango content

The seeds/kernel of African mango fruits have been known to contain the following:

  • Amino acid : African mango contains a whole profile of amino acids made up of about 18 of them.
  • Crude fat : African mango has a 66% content of crude fat. This oil factor in African mango is used in industrial production of oil.
  • Moisture : African mango has an 80% moisture content which is evidenced in production of juice. This is to say African mango is a juicy fruit
  • Crude protein
  • Crude fiber
  • Mineral ash
  • Carbohydrates

African mango seeds contain a great deal of minerals and vitamins among them calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and sodium. African mango pulp is an excellent source of both calcium and vitamin C.

The very edible seeds of African mango provide up to 697 calories in a 100 gram portion and the following nutrients;-


A 100 gram portion of fruit pulp provides up to 61 calories and its nutritional content is as shown below;

Vitamin C7mg

Uses of African Mango

With the above listed content, it is obvious that African mango is bound to have some breathtaking uses so to satisfy your curiosity I will detail its uses.

Diabetes has become one of the leading killer diseases in our world today. It is therefore obligatory for anyone to share any news that lead to the prevention and cure for this disease. So I decided not to keep the wonders of African mango to myself because that would be selfish. African mango extract in supplementation to diabetics has been known lower blood glucose levels and normalize erythrocyte membrane ATPase activity.African mango has also been instrumental in stabilizing plasma lips and cholesterol levels in diabetics.

Obesity comes with its fair share of negativity especially in health complications. Don’t even get me started on the social stigma that obesity brings with it. News on how to lose that extra weight and unwanted fat is always welcome so am sure you are going to want to hear this; African mango extract improves weight reduction of body weight, body fat and waist circumference. It also improves metabolic parameters among them leptin levels, LDL cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and blood glucose adiponectin and plasma total cholesterol.

Major African mango supplements include;-

  • African mango plus is one of the best supplement for weight loss and has been repeatedly termed as the new miracle weight loss supplement.African mango plus aids in weight loss, increased metabolism, improved fat oxidation, fighting fatigue and energy boost. An African mango plus pill also aids in burning belly fat.
  • African mango cleanse has also been referred to as the ‘Total Body Detox’. It contains African mango to promote healthy weight management. African mango cleanse is a colon cleanser and detoxes your body with super food as well as supplies the body with nutrients from the African mango. African mango cleanse also eliminates waste and toxins. There is no cramping of the stomach when your body releases bile after intake of African mango cleanse which is a major occurrence in many cleansers.
  • African mango extract from its leaves and stem inhibit the activity of some fungi and bacteria. This includes membrane disruption by terpenoids and inactivation of microbial adhesion, enzymes and cell envelope transport proteins by ellagic acid-like compounds.

African mango extract from its stem bark has comparable usage with the narcotic analgesic morphine (an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to severe pain) while its ethanol extract bears comparison with the non-narcotic analgesic methimazole sodium which is used as a pain reliever.

African mango methanol extract reduces gastric acid secretion and increases mucous secretion in the alimentary canal. This goes a long way in decreasing chances of infection in the alimentary canal. African mango aqueous extract is also used in protection against castor oil induced diarrhea

African mango is also used as an antioxidant removing damaging oxidizing agents in the human body.
As a result of these uses, African mango pills have been recommended world-widely. African mango pills have been known to have astounding effects especially on weight loss and diabetes. I hope with this information you are already on your way to get your African mango pills.


African mango powders, liquids and capsules are available from commercial manufacturers. Common dosage regimens consist of 150 mg of African mango twice a day with food. It is also advised to take your dosage 30 minutes before meals with a glass of warm water. If your African mango dosage is prescribed it is recommended that you stick to the prescribed dosage.

In case you are taking other drugs it’s advisable to disclose this information to your doctor so as to be advised on the interaction of African mango with the medicine in question. This because some drugs need caution when co administered with African mango.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to seek medical advice from their practitioners before taking any form of supplements, be they natural or synthetic.

What are the side effects of African Mango?

As is the case in all products, side effects are inevitable. Good news is there are no adverse side effects associated with the usage of African mango. Some of these side effects include;-

  • Increased libido – African mango pills have been associated with increased sex drive for both genders
  • Some people have also experienced difficulties in sleeping as most African mango pills have relatively high levels of caffeine
  • Few cases of headaches and dry mouth have also been reported by some users of African mango products
  • Flatulence, also known as farting or passing of wind has also been reported as one the side effects of African mango
  • Some have reported having flu-like symptoms after taking African mango pills.

You can see that the side effects of African mango are a drop in the ocean in comparison to the many benefits you are bound to reap from its usage. African mango steers clear of any harmful ingredients and chemicals and its minor side effects vary from one person to another. No deaths have been reported within 24 hours or 7 days after administration of African mango extract.

African mango reviews

Let’s take a look at what the users of African mango products have to say about their experience. Am sure we will definitely pick a thing or 2, what do you say?

Dr. Oz has referred to supplements made from African mango as “the breakthrough weight loss fix for women. These supplements tend to trap the body fat so the body can eliminate it. Additionally, African mango is loaded with B vitamins, which increases the body’s metabolism rate so your body can burn calories faster.

Users of African mango have been known to lose up to 8-10 pounds without changing their lifestyles and so far no adverse effect has been recorded from its consumption for more than 10 years in some tribes where it grows naturally. This is to say that African mango is 100% safe and functional in weight loss. Its nutritional value is just an addition to the goodness of this pie we all should seek to share in.

Well, you can longer say you don’t know about African mango or the benefits that it bears. I leave the rest to you, lose some of that belly fat, and let’s see a reduction of that waist circumference or general health as you reap all the benefits that are part of the package. See you on the other end of weight management freedom and general health improvements, until then, goodbye healthy minds.

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