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Location: San Francisco, CA, United States, Architecture For Humanity’s Office

Architecture for Humanity, the nonprofit behind the Open Architecture Network, has moved!

Our new home is in the South of Market district of San Francisco. We’re located on the second floor of a an old commercial building. We have nearly 5,000 square feet of open plan office space. As with everything we do, our goal is to make our new offices as open as possible to architects and designers interested in engaging communities in need and volunteering their time and their talents to those who might not otherwise be able to access their services.

Whether you need a space to meet with your group, shop space to build models, or want to volunteer with us and need a place to kip the night while you do it, this is your space, too. Get involved and help us design it.

On January 3, 2008 we hosted our first bi-weekly design charrette here in our offices to redesign our space. With nearly thirty participants from our community, we began to define our process of working together to create this space.

During the next month we will work together to develop the vision and basic scheme or concept of our architectural design through research, presentations from industry experts and team charrettes.

Our next group session will be held on Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 6:30pm

All are welcome to join us. Of course, we’ll be posting files here as we go. Go to Updates
for current information about this project. This way, you don’t have to be local to participate.

For more information, or to get involved, please contact us

Or, if you are in town, why not look us up and drop by. We’d love to see you.


All of us at Architecture for Humanity.


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