1001 Diets

Carbohydrate-free Diet

Carbohydrate-free diet to treat one of the most common. Most popular it is on a par with many other popular diets.

And its essence lies in the fact that carbohydrates, which are among the most important sources of occurrence of overweight, should be virtually eliminated.

Lose Weight Fast – Easy

In pursuit of a beautiful figure, we often forget about health. Our body, so every day is exposed to various stresses, and here the load in the form of food restrictions.

So really there is no good way to lose weight without harm to the body? In recent years, the Internet and the media constantly talk about “express diets.”

Eat Bran Diet

This article is for those who have decided to get rid of excess fat without the need for special diets and torturing yourself in the gym to exhaustion. How so, you ask? How is this possible?

The hardest diet or a diet for athletes

The hardest diet or a diet for athletes is not for nothing is it called. This diet is designed for only 2 weeks and was not balanced and more designed for athletes.

The diet is based on the exclusion of all other than protein, it can still be called “protein diet” .

This diet is not balanced and is designed only for 2 weeks, during which you can lose weight quickly on a few kilos and replace them with a few pounds of muscle mass.

Spring diet, a diet with 1200 calories

Now, come spring, melted snowdrifts, sun and a little feeling that winter is nowhere and never left. We bring you the spring diet is well balanced, so-called “fast diet” contains a total of 1200 calories and 5 meals that allows you to not suffer from hunger and the large presence of vitamins in the menu diet will allow you all the time on our toes.

Bread Diet

This diet belongs to the group of so-called”strict diet” . For the most part we love the bread and in every diet for weight loss limit its quantity.

Bread diet contains a lot of (relatively) carbohydrate diet and the duration is very short ,”fast diet” and the poet of the diet give preference to those who have had a bad experience with a variety of “strict diet” (low carbohydrate).


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