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At Bon Appetit at Penn Dining, we recognize the great power and importance of food. Dining rooms are gathering places, and breaking bread together helps create a sense of community and comfort. We take great care to honor our position on the Penn campus, and identify strongly with the Penn Compact, which places value on collaborative engagement with our guests and our neighbors. It is our mission to safeguard the well being of our guests, the community and the environment.

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Dining Plans to Fit Your Lifestyle!

  • Enhanced dining plans to fit your lifestyle. Upperclassmen can choose from seven convenient and flexible dining plans, from the Eat Any Time (EAT) plan, which has unlimited swipes to the Good To Go (GTG) Plan, which has 25 swipes and $2,000 Dining Dollar$. We have something for every student!
  • Renovation of 1920 Commons. Upon returning to campus, visit the newly renovated 1920 Commons, with four new cafes and an expanded Starbucks! Enjoy our Late Night hours and the new indoor fireplace.
  • More themed dinners and café events.Y ou can expect to enjoy themed dinners and events at our dining cafés
  • “Add it as you need it” Dining Dollar$. Now Dining Dollar$ not only give quick and convenient access to all 16 dining locations on campus, our new Add It As You Need It option puts cash back in your pocket as well. The more Dining Dollar$ you purchase the more you save – up to 15%!

A Notice to all Students on the Eat Any Time (EAT) Dining Plan

In reviewing our dining plan usage data we have become aware that in recent weeks there has been repeated and growing misuse of the EAT plan by students who are allowing others to use their meals. While in some instances students may have simply misunderstood the policies, there are a small number of students who are clearly abusing their meal plans and in some of these cases the abuse has been significant. Under this plan, students are allowed to have unlimited access to our dining cafes.

The Terms and Conditions of Dining Plan Participation, which all students are required to certify that they have read and understood before they can purchase a plan, clearly state that these meal swipes are to be used only by the holder of the meal plan and cannot be shared or transferred to anyone else.

The EAT plan was developed in response to student feedback which indicated that our diners wanted more flexibility as to their meal plan options. In particular students indicated that they did not want to use an entire meal swipe when they just wanted a quick snack nor did they want to worry about keeping track of meals consumed. The EAT plan, which is based on a plan structure that is widely used at institutions across the country, was designed to address the requests of our dining plan participants and was never intended nor allowed to be utilized by individuals who do not participate in the dining program. In instances where a student would like to bring a guest to dine with them all our plans, including the EAT plan, provide the option of 10 guest visits per year which can be used all at once or as separate visits.

We do recognize our responsibility to ensure that proper controls are in place to discourage meal plan misuse and we have met with dining staff to review our procedures and take corrective actions. We are also posting information in our dining facilities and on our websites to make sure that all students understand that they are required to honor the policies outlined in their dining plan contract.
Dining has long been part of college life at Penn and the University’s dining program was created to build community and provide easy access to a wide variety of healthy, nutritious food options. The structure of our dining plans allows us to allocate resources and make decisions about enhancements or other changes to our dining programs to ensure that we create a program that meets these goals. However, when students abuse our dining program their actions impact the services we can provide for the entire community.

We know the majority of Penn students understand their obligations and behave honestly and responsibly and we appreciate their support.

Douglas Berger, Executive Director of Business Services

Dining Plans Terms & Conditions



Please note: Dining Plans are binding for the entire academic year. Students may change once among the plans in which they are eligible during the Fall and Spring Switch Period. Please see below for specific switch period dates:

Fall 2012 Switch Period Dates: September 6th – September 26th

Spring 2013 Switch Period Dates: January 10th – January 31st


First-Year Undergraduate Student Contract

The University of Pennsylvania requires that all first-year undergraduate students have one of the following plans: The Eat Any Time Plan (EAT), The Balanced Eating Naturally Plan (BEN) or The Best Food Fit Plan (BFF). All first-year students who do not choose a dining plan will be assigned the BFF Plan, with the option to change during the Fall change period. First-year students living at home with their families may contact the Penn Dining Office or send an email to make special arrangements.

Penn Grad Plan: This Dining Dollar$ debit account plan is available exclusively to graduate and professional students. A Grad Plan can be opened with a minimum deposit of $50 and additional Dining Dollar$ can be added at anytime.


Contract holders are billed each semester for dining plan charges (for one-half of the total academic year cost). First-year students will be billed an additional charge in the Fall for New Student Orientation meals. If any additional purchases are made (add additional visits and/or dining dollar$), a monthly bill will be sent.


2011-2012 Days of Service

Regular dining plan service begins at the beginning of the Fall semester continues through the Spring semester, EXCEPT for the school breaks:

  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Winter Break
  • Spring Break

Dining Dollar$ can be used through Commencement Day and visits can be used through final exams.

Meals and Services Offered

Our dining program comprises a variety of services: All-you-care-to-eat meals offered at three residential dining halls and one Kosher dining hall, Express Grab & Go meals, a-la-carte retail food options as well as convenience stores.

Dining Locations

The University provides dining services to students in locations that it deems most convenient for the greatest number of students. The University reserves the right to close any existing dining service location or to move the location where any particular type of food service is offered, at the University’s sole discretion, at any time during the term of this agreement.

Special Dietary Needs

Penn Dining includes specialized and designated items for students who prefer kosher or vegetarian/vegan foods and will try to accommodate other special dietary needs upon reasonable advance notice. We have a Nutritionist on staff to assist students with any dietary questions or concerns they may have.


Dining Dollar$

All dining plans include Dining Dollar$, which are credits toward a-la-carte retail food purchases or additional all-you-care-to-eat visits at the dining halls. Students may add Dining Dollar$ to their dining plan at any time by contacting the Penn Dining Office or going online. Dining Dollar$ are non-refundable and expire on Commencement.

Moocher Meals/ Guest Visits

All dining plans come with 10 “Moocher Meals” per year to treat family and friends in the residential dining facilities (5 in the Fall and 5 in the Spring). Students can use them one at a time or all 5 at the same time. When using a Moocher Meal, simply tell the cashier and they will deduct that visit(s) from the Guest Visits balance. When using a Moocher Meal for personal use, simply tell the cashier that you are using a Guest Visit. Additional guests are always welcome, provided they pay the guest rate at the door. Students may also charge additional guest meals above the 10 allowed per year to their Dining Dollar$, PennCash or SFS accounts. Moocher meals are included in your total meals.
Example: BEN Plan = 370 visits per year (360 regular visits + 10 Moocher Meals)

Convenience Options

Students with hectic schedules can use their visits at Express stations at McClelland in the Quad and Hill Express (grab & go breakfasts, lunches and dinners, Monday-Friday). Students may also use a visit for take out at any dining hall.


Dining Plan participants

Dining Plan participants who wish to dine at Falk Dining Commons (kosher dining hall) will be charged an additional fee of $2.00 per visit along with their visit swipe. This fee may be paid for with Dining Dollar$, PennCash, SFS Credit or Cash. In order to ensure seating, we recommend that anyone with a dining plan who would like to dine at Falk Dining Commons during weekends make an advance reservation. An advance reservation will be required for all high holiday meals. Additional fees may apply for Passover meals only.

Non Dining Plan Participants

In order to ensure seating, we recommend that anyone without a dining plan who would like to dine at Falk Dining Commons during weekends make an advance reservation. Those without a dining plan who wish to dine during high holidays will be required to make an advance reservation with payment in full. This payment can be made using a credit card over the phone or by cash or check. All payments must be made 48 hours in advance and will not be refunded in the event that the reservation is not honored. Any non-weekend or non-holiday visits may be paid for at the door, with PennCash or SFS for Penn students or with cash for non-Penn participants.


Dining Plan Changes

When changing your dining plan after the start of a semester, any visits or Dining Dollar$ used over and above what came with your original dining plan will be charged in addition to the regular cost of the new dining plan. If the usage is less than what comes with the new dining plan, the amount of visits and Dining Dollar$ used with the old dining plan will be deducted from the amounts allocated with the new dining plan.

Example: You purchase a Balanced Eating Naturally (BEN) Plan, which comes with 185 visits, 10 Moocher Meals, and 212.50 Dining Dollar$ per semester, and you change (during the change period) to the Best Food Fit (BFF) Plan. Prior to switching you used $25 of the Dining Dollar$ and 20 of the visits from the BEN Plan from the start of the semester until the change took place. When you get the BFF Plan, you will now have 105 visits instead of 125 visits (125-20), and you will start with $375 Dining Dollar$ ($400-$25). The starting balance for the BFF Plan is 125 regular visits, 10 Moocher Meals, and $400 dining dollars.


Please consider your plan choice carefully, making certain that you are eligible for the plan you select. Plan changes for the Fall semester are accepted during the switch period (September 6th – September 26th, 2012), and will take effect for the Fall term. Contract holders may change their dining plans once during this change period among the plan in which they are eligible for either in person at the Penn Dining Office or on Campus Express Online. The option of changing to “no plan” is not available.


Once again, please consider your plan choice carefully, making certain that you are eligible for the plan you select. Mid-Year plan changes are accepted during the Spring switch period (January 10th – January 31st, 2013), and will take effect for the Spring term. Contract holders may change their dining plan once during this change period among the plans in which they are eligible for, either in person at the Penn Dining Office or on Campus Express Online. All Dining Dollar$ will carry over regardless of whether or not a change is made and regardless of what dining plan you are on. All visits from all dining plans will expire at the end of each semester regardless of change.

All inquiries regarding dining plans matters including DINING PLAN CHANGES must be directed to the Penn Dining Office—change requests sent directly to Student Financial Services are NOT valid.

Cancellation / Termination of Agreement

Dining plan agreements are legal contracts between you and the University of Pennsylvania. Dining plan contracts are binding for the entire academic year. Cancellations are not permitted unless you are leaving the University. If you are leaving the University and need to cancel your dining plan, you MUST complete a cancellation form. The form can be obtained by contacting the Penn Dining Office at 215-898-7585 or The form must be signed and returned to Penn Dining. The cancellation needs to be approved by the University of Pennsylvania prior to issuance of any credit. All cancellations, regardless of reason, are subject to a $50 cancellation processing fee. Meal plan cancellations will only be granted when the student officially withdraws from the university.

If, however, a student is diagnosed with a medical condition AFTER agreeing to the terms of the dining plan or reports a preexisting condition, the student’s request for cancellation will be considered. Incoming freshmen will still be required to register for a meal plan, and then file a request for consideration of cancellation. To be considered for cancellation, the student should submit a signed letter from the student’s health care provider detailing the reason(s) why our meal plan fails to meet the student’s dietary requirements. This letter must include a suggested menu for the student as well as any specific meal preparation requirements. Every effort will be made to meet the student’s dietary needs before cancellation is considered.

The dining program is not affiliated with any decision concerning financial aid to students. We cannot consider any financial matter as an acceptable reason for requesting a meal plan cancellation.

The University reserves the right to terminate this agreement for failure to pay University fee, for violation of University or Penn Dining policy, or when you are no longer enrolled as a Penn student.


All credits or charges for plan changes or cancellations are sent by Penn Dining to Student Financial Services (SFS) and will appear on the student’s University bill within 3-4 weeks of processing. Students may check the status of their account on PennInTouch. Penn Dining does not issue refund checks. Students expecting a refund should contact SFS after their dining plan credit appears on Penn InTouch..

No refunds are provided in the case of termination due to failure to pay fees or comply with policies. Refunds will be prorated based on the number of visits and Dining Dollar$ used and will be calculated based on the price per visit of the dining plan in which the student is participating.


Non-Transferral of Dining Contracts

Contract meals are for the exclusive use of the contract holder and are not transferable. Persons found using a PennCard other than their own will be considered in violation of University Policy and subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Removing Food from the Dining Halls

Penn Dining On the Run allows you to ask for a take out container when you swipe your PennCard. You can fill your container and enjoy a fantastic meal on the go.

Lost Card Policy

Students must have their PennCard to enter the dining halls. Students who have lost or misplaced their PennCard may enter the dining halls by first completing a Lost Card Voucher obtained from the cashier. The visit will be deducted from the student’s dining plan and a processing charge of $2.00 will be billed to the student’s SFS account for each voucher used. The voucher is valid only for visits covered by the student’s dining plan. Additional visits will be billed to the student’s SFS account.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to comply with all rules and regulations of the University while in a Penn Dining Services facility. All rules, policies and procedures of the University and Penn Dining Services, including those published in the PennBook, University Policies and Procedures, official publications and bulletins, and the University and Penn Dining web pages, are incorporated in this agreement. Students found in violation of University and/or Penn Dining Policy may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Returned Checks

A $40 fee will be assessed for any returned checks.


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